If you liked Cookie Clicker


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Found a cookie clicker equivalent on android the other week. Had to force myself to delete it from my phone three days later. Kicked the habit again, but it was a close call!

There’s a similar game called Spaceplan which is great and actually has an end!


Ha. I got a new work laptop yesterday which has finally freed me from Cookie Clicker. No way I’m clicking on this.

Always thought the genius of cookie clicker was the profound futility of it. The end of cookie clicker is when you stop making more cookies.


Just passed 400 'clips

it’s taking a lot not to click on that

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my morning is written off

thought this was an elf on a shelf thing

Loooooved spaceplan

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“If you liked Cookie Clic…”

immediately shuts down computer and goes out for long walk to think about love of family and friends


Left work for a late morning climbing sesh. Was churning out 380 clips a second when I left…

Currently manufacturing over 100k per second!


Holy moly! Is there a reset bonus option like in CC? That always kept it fresh…

I don’t get why my stock is running low when my sales per second are lower than my manufactures per second.

Try raising your price. That average revenue indicator is revenue based on stock, it isn’t demand. You have an excess of demand so it’s draining your stock. You want to balance demand and supply so your stock doesn’t run dry but doesn’t build up excessively

Sorry my reply isn’t very clear.

In that situation you need to increase your production (autoclippers, megaclippers). You don’t have enough stock each second to full satisfy the demand that’s there. Increase production or price temporary to build up some stock, move the price back and then see what happens. only when you have some stock wiill your “avg. clips per second” equal the actual demand

Sorry my question wasn’t very clear either :slight_smile:

What I meant was I was manufacturing more clips than I was selling (volume not value), but the stock was still falling.

ie right at the moment I’m making 160 clips/sec, selling at 100 clips/sec, but the stock is bumping around zero. I suspect the marketing boost isn’t represented properly in the sales volumes.

Oh fuck this. I get you now. And for that reason Peter Jones will not be investing with me today and he’s out.