If you live with other people


How much time do you spend together when in the house/flat?
Please comment if the people you live with are family members


Mainly keep to our rooms, occasionally use the living room at the weekend to watch stuff on the projector


I live with my sister now and we’re good friends, so we spend a fair bit of time together. We also have pretty small rooms so not much hangout space in those, whereas the living room/kitchen (open plan) is a nice area to just sit around doing nothing.

Hope this helps.


Most of it, but occasionally watching different things on a laptop in the same room. Romance isn’t dead


Yes, when in the house a member of the family is constantly near me at all times spending time with me at all times every day, always.


I tried to post but I can’t post


ah whatever


I’d say 95%


10%? Max.


Sometimes see them in the kitchen


The majority of time, unless I’m WFHing. Though I’ve had the house to myself on quite a few Saturdays recently but that’s been so I can get on with decorating / preparing food


I had a couple of flatmates before my girlfriend moved in. First one worked insane hours and spent weekends karting so we barely saw each others; last one I saw most evenings but spent most weekends partying elsewhere.

the second one turned into a full-blown Mark/Jez codependency, though. it was a really great time.


one of them, a lot of time (we spend a fair amount of time in his room, drinking and playing video games, talking shit, etc). he works wfh quite a lot. cook with him sometimes but he only likes the blandest foods known to man so we pretty much only ever make sausages and mash.

the other two, not much. conversations in the kitchen, that’s basically it.

spend a lot of time sat in my room with the door shut as well obviously


None whatsoever. Genuinely no idea when I last spoke to him.


we dont have a living room so i just have chats with them in the kitchen every now and again
this is probs the first houseshare i’ve lived in where i havent actively avoided my housemates, still pretty dysfunctional though


sub-thread, I live on my own and it’s a bit too expensive but i’m worried i’ve adjusted too much and living with housemates would do my head in


I live in a 5 bedroom flat but it empty quite a lot of the time and nobody seems to spend much time there in the evenings. I cook with a couple of my housemates quite often but we spend more time together outside of the flat, I would guess.


When I lived with my three pals

Year 1: All the time. We’d eat together, watch TV in the living room every day and go to the pub for last orders pretty much every day. Bedrooms were for sleeping.

Year 2: Most of the time. We’d sometimes eat together, spend a bit more time in our bedrooms working rather than TV watching. Go for last orders maybe once a week

Year 3: Mostly never. We’d eat on our own, spend most of the time in our own rooms, couldn’t be bothered to go for last orders.

Moved out.


Unless you’re hiding in your shed spying on the poor old lad next door, surely?


I live with my bf, a cat, a grown up woman and her teenage sister who she is the guardian of. We dont hang out at all but me and my bf often help the sister with her schoolwork.

Obviously hang out with tge first two all the time