If you live with other people

Live with a good mate so see him a fair bit, though I work fairly late hours and don’t tend to be in much on weekends. We cook together maybe once/twice a week (though I have the same issue as @noise_ramones in that he eats really bland food) and watch films fairly regularly (we’re working our way through the Statham filmography - did Arnie earlier this year).

He seems to be permanently in the living room which can be a bit annoying if I want some time to myself as I just have to decamp to my room. Feel like I’ve lost an unspoken battle there.

About 10%? I’m either training or working late and same with my housemates. Also, tbh I’m kind of a hermit so I do like having some time to myself everyday.

If I spend too long on the computer, working even, not just looking at stuff on the internet, it’ll be ten, 15 minutes max, before Clive comes into the room and starts staring at my screen, talking to me, or just sitting nearby rather than remain in the living room by himself watching something on Netflix. Some people think it’s cute and romantic. I find it annoying.

I thought about getting a flat mate for the £££ but then I realised I’d have to listen to people shagging, would have to close the bathroom door and would have to disguise just how much shit tv I watch, so that was a deal breaker.

Shut up, Jona Lewie.


Live with daughter so all the time.

When I lived with her dad, most of the time.

When I lived with strangers maybe 10% as I’m an anti social jerk, however I would say that number has dramatically changed over the years and maybe it started out at 75% when I was in my first house share.