If you moved into a new house



and it had the hot taps on the right and cold on the left, would you…

  • arrange to have them changed to the correct way
  • probably just learn to live with it
  • do nothing because they’re supposed to be that way round

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Please be aware, there is a wrong answer in this poll.


I have no idea what way round they should be tbh?


You have a house with hot water? Tory!


Just got those taps where it’s one tap and you move it left for hot and right for cold and lift it up for the power


Cold on the right, hot on the left.

If you have mixer taps, then it’s unlikely that they’ll be plumbed in wrong.




In my bathroom the hot is on the right (as I look at it), and the cold is on the left. The taps are like this:

In the kitchen, the hot is on the left and the cold is on the right, and the tap is like this:

It’s honestly not a problem.


Get a new bathroom.


I’ve never used a tap with hot on the left


Wait my left or the taps left?




I only found out recently that we’re the laughing stock of Europe for ever having separate taps in any scenario. Mixers only on the continent appaz, although can’t say I’d ever noticed. At least our pointless separate taps are safe from Brussels now!


separate taps are total fucking shit aren’t they


It doesn’t seem like there’s any standard, though it is more common that hot will be on the left:


Some dude in here references building regulations from a while back that suggests hot should be on the left:

This is fun.


Is this now the plumbing thread?

I have a question: the flush on our toilet is very weak. How do I make it stronger?


Suggesting that you get an entirely new bathroom because the tap is plumbed in against convention was definitely a serious answer.




yes but I’m sure marckee could mount a defence if he isn’t too busy today


I also left an opening for you to get into building regulations which is a rookie error.