If you open a new tab in your browser



where does the new and improved dis rank in the little icons of most visited websites? (assuming your browser does this)


4th behind facebook, LFGSS, some cycling bargains website






#1 !!!

What do I win?


sean will be making an official announcement on soho radio tomorrow so you need to tune in!


7th, behind

  1. guardian
  2. old DiS
  3. City Metric
  4. Hotmail
  5. BBC
  6. Londonist


5th behind:

  1. Return of Kings
  2. Guido Fawkes
  3. The TST
  4. Stormfront




1st (using Safari at work).


4th on mobile


can you get more than 8 of those little icons? I think it’d be nice to have loads of little icons (kind of like on your phone). I remember googling years ago to see if you could customize the new tab screen but probably gave up after 30 seconds because it wasn’t that important.


I got a ruddy icon on my phone, dis app for life


2nd, behind Old DiS :smiley: