If you phone the Birkbeck course enquiries line right now 02076316000

The guy who says the ‘hello, your call’s being held in a queue’ message sounds like he’s got the right hump, moody fucker

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Cheers for the tip-off, friend!

seriously, listen to him, I can’t believe they’ve ok’d that

We’re getting a real insight into your life today.

So you’re shredding all traces of your past life in order to enrol as a part-time student and enter a brave new future?

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I’d really like to do this course but it’s a grand! http://www.bbk.ac.uk/study/2017/short-courses/modules/SCPS/SCPS113S4

I wanted to check if they let you pay in installments

I met a guy last week who did a biology degree at Birkbeck, it sounded good.

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Just listened. He is NOT happy.

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it’s unbelievably huffy and puffy!

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Hey @rainmaker this could be a good episode on the reply all podcast - we track this guy down and find out why he’s so moody, like a mix of the boy in the photo and long distance!

Relatively moody.

I think they have problems with their admin staff there, at least with the school that looked after Art History they did. The science dept were friendly but a little ineffectual, a bit like me.

Sick of people bloody going on about the miserable guy on the Birkbeck course helpline, tbh.

See if it qualifies for the advanced learner loan?

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Great, thanks, called up and got through. I start an unfunded PhD in Planetary Science in January :slightly_frowning_face:


need to link him to this thread somehow. This thread could be better than Balonz on mumsnet!

Just had a listen. You’re right. For me the grumpiest bit is the P in “if you know the P erson you need to speak to”. He really spits it.

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