If you return something you bought online

to exchange for a different size, and the thing you bought is now reduced in a sale, do you get the price difference refunded?

Depends on the firm. If they’re a big corp yeah

Oh sorry just saw its now reduced. no, you bought it at the price it was.

Ask @TKC


I feel like I should though, because if I’d known it was reduced before I sent it back I’d have just asked for a refund then re-bought it in the different size. I’m basically just cutting out a step. I’ll send them an email to chance it anyway.

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Yeah that would make you psychic though. They might give you it if you threaten to return for refund and buy again but really you’re being entitled

Not that I’m on their side I just hate doing this in work

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Not so much psychic, more like a person who looks at the item on the website again before filling out the return form thing.

Anyway, I’m pretty certain I need the cash more than them.

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Well yeah I’d probably make you return it, maybe they wont

I think this is OK, no?

Edit: ah sorry missed your reply. Fair enough

I’m on their side. Crush him Matalan!

I assume it’s Matalan.

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Depends if it gets back to them and the sale is still on. Buy it straight away if you’re doing this

Lot of Goliath fans in tonight.


Asos does this don’t they?

A customer is always, always wrong



What a world. Going to have to re-order it, then ask them to ignore my exchange request on the form they receive and refund instead. That’s not going to go off without a hitch, I know that much.


Probably because the whole system is automated, and the cost of having someone manually intervene in your completely logical case is greater than the cost of automated shipping and processing.

What a world we live in.

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Ended up selling that to my mates gf

This went off without a hitch. A remarkable end to a thrilling tale.

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Here Dongers, check this action (I have receved the refund and an email confirming shipment but they haven’t turned up yet):