If you science could make it so

you didn’t ever have to use the toilet again, you just didn’t have excrete anything ever again (still vomit). Like you take one pill, job done, rest of your life, would you?

  • Yes
  • No

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Me, I don’t know. @profk will like this thread*
*don’t know why I’ve made about 4 toilet threads in a year, tbh

Answers are touch move your fucking shits!


:toilet: thread

why wouldn’t you? do people really enjoy doing a shit?

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The science essential cranks up the power

really enjoy an outdoors wee when camping or whatever

(alright, dale cooper)

I would imagine that the “Poo teleport” will be the first commercial implementation of instant matter-transfer technology.

Quantum poo mechanics sounds great.

You had to ask that. More pertinently, you had to ask that here?

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What about wees?

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I, science?


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yeah, toilet/urinal, all that stuff, jeez guys, I’m not the science guy!

If you could take a pill so that you never had to eat again, would you?

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  • No

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So: no wees, no poos for the rest of my life, and no water retention?

Of course. TBH I’d settle for a life without having to urinate. Going for a daily poo isn’t so bad.

Shouldn’t be a pill really. Ought to be an injection given straight after birth, since those early bits are, for most of us, the most disruptive pooing time.

Or they could do it with lasers.


it’s a pill mate, please don’t argue with the science, they’re the experts here

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What about farts? What role do they have in this brave new world?

Have only just realised that this technology actually already exists. They’re called colostomy/urostomy bags. My granddad had a urostomy bag for about thirty years; he said it meant he could drink all night in the pub without having to get up.

Farts are slightly less brave for the more bum-wee-prone

More brave, Shirley?