If you scroll down to your earliest sent message on Facebook messenger


What have you got going on there?

Mine are to someone in America as part of a poke army.


I’m not scrolling that far


It was from 13th November 2005, from the older brother of a guy I was at school with who was at my university offering to go out for a drink sometime.




I absolutely will not be checking that


mine is me messaging someone about my birthday in 2007. seems i went to Nando’s, which tbh i’d have guessed anyway.


Remember when chat and messages weren’t the same thing so chats weren’t saved, big loss to my records


A message from my first gigging pal about some vaguebooking I’d done. lmao.


it says

"i’m not even on facebook messenger"


Facebook User

06/13/2008 8:57PM

Facebook User

Hi mate who is this b4 I add u? Cheers how do I know u?

07/23/2008 1:50PM

Facebook User

hi mate you be on msn later to arrange tomorrow. Were was you last night.

Facebook User

hi mate you be on msn later to arrange tomorrow. Were was you last night.


fuck you


accidentally liked this while trying to navigate the arrows

i still haven’t reached the end

edit: i have reached the end. what a marvellous adventure


You should get on it


I’ve never been to a Nandos.


I’ve started scrolling through and got to 2014. So far I have seen conversations with three people who are now dead. :frowning:




Took a ridiculous amount of time to scroll to the bottom (2007), but

End of list: An old housemate from uni asking about a job going at a place I used to work.
End but one: Old workmate talking about hooking up with someone at some event? I never replied it seems.

Now caught in a rabbit hole of reading old conversations.


Early ish facebook groups where the Someone would ask for someone else to be poked and then the group - usually a few thousand people, would poke that person.


Early 2008, a friend messaging me with a link to a Facebook page he’d set up for his new solo music project.


It looks as though my first message on FB messenger was 11 years ago today.

Alex: Long time no hear. I’ve just started a new band started myself. I’ll get you a demo as soon as we’ve recorded one.

Me: All’s going well, yes, thanks. I’ve got Billy Childish booked for next week. And I’ve got lots of record label stuff planned as well. I’ll check out your band on Myspace and await the demo!