If you tag yourself as part of the threads you make



On the social page, it will look like the name of the thread starter. Just a thought.


bit squidpan tbh



Ruins the element of surprise though


We really don’t need that many tags.

Also, unless everyone does it, what’s the point? I mean we’re all going to open an @Antpocalypsenow thread but we would just like warning that @barleysugar is about to do another braindump but will the latter oblige us by tagging? Unlikely.


I just like things to be neat, Theodosia. I’m not saying it’s a perfect system, it’s just an idea.


Chill out, Hitler.


whenever I make a shit thread I will tag you to draw the attention

(luckily for you I never make shit threads)


Very thoughtful.


hope this never takes off
just gonna learn the icons of the users i want to avoid instead


those will be the ones that change their icons all the time


They just hover over them with the mouse pointer. (Or mute the user.)


I suppose you could always just hover over them, or mute the user






Tried to tag a thread before and only had about 6 tags to choose from. Wouldn’t let me add a new one ) :


u a basic bitch


How can you be regular already?


just annoy one of the mods until they do it


But there’s no sticky thread telling me who the mods are now : (