If you unwittingly time travelled back 4 years...

And let’s say you’re out for the day in town without a phone/access to the internet, how long do you reckon it’d take you to realise, if at all?

Chat welcome.

Realise… what?

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Ooh, this is really good stuff.

I think I would only realise in a scenario where I had to go to work.

Maybe I’d decide to go to the cinema and that would tip me off though

I don’t think I would

Also how far do you think you could go back before it became obvious?


Same. See there’s loads of new builds in town that have gone up in just a year or so and whilst I pay a lot of attention to them I still feel like I could just overlook the fact that they’re not yet been built…like when you see someone in glasses and can’t remember if they always wore glasses or not


That you’d time travelled, Eric


Oh. Hmm. Quite a while probably. I don’t really go shopping much, I walk through town quite a lot to go the library or pop in to somewhere for something but I have a crap memory so wouldnt remember how long different shops and restaurants have been there.

I’d probably notice that the fashions were those of 2015.

What were we wearing in 2015 that we aren’t wearing now?

Maybe I’d just walk past a calendar shop.


Oh good question

Well, there’s a new H&M being built in the town centre so I might notice that that’s gone. But I could quite easily walk past and forget it’s been built.

All the shops I’d normally visit were also open four years ago. So I could end up going the whole visit without noticing.

I reckon I’d notice if we were in 2008, because I think that’s when Woolworth’s shut.

I can’t even give directions to people if it’s three streets away from me or more, totally oblivious to what goes on really

How would I? I dont think I follow.

Perhaps I’d notice a highstreet shop that has gone out of business since 2015. Like BHS!

I actually think I’m quite well attuned to new products entering the snack market so, were I to visit a Morrisons, for example. The lack of those McCoys Chip Shop things would tip me off quite quickly.


I tend to be more likely to notice smaller things. Like, if the packaging on Sainsbury’s own-brand products had changed in the last four years.

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I’d know the second I woke up

i dont think id notice

You’ve done this, haven’t you, Scout!

Can’t tell from your tone whether you think you noticed before any of us would or whether you’re a bit embarrassed about how long it took you.

So, how long did it take you?