If you wanted to watch your TV from your toilet in their current locations how many mirrors would you need?

just the one for me. comforting to know


Effectively I’m staring directly at it as I type

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also 1

Downstairs: none. And yes, I regularly enjoy this particular feature of our house.
Upstairs: 1.

can’t believe I’m giving this some thought

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6 I think

what an elaborate house

Main bathroom: 3
En suite: 5 I think

She’s working so reckon she’d find this a bit weird

3 for me

how many doors do you need to go through to get from your bog to the tv?

But 2 mirrors

two but stairs

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2, from both the en-suite and the main bathroom.


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Wait until Hoogy works out how many mirrors he’d need to see his TV from his purpose-built pooing annex.

Maybe 5 or 6

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  1. Really enjoyed visualising this. Felt like one of those csi reenactions

What fabulous timing, I’m on the toilet right now!
I have a tablet that I use as a “television” and sometimes I prop it on top of this towel holder

So none! Have a lovely day!