If you wanted to watch your TV from your toilet in their current locations how many mirrors would you need?

3, but I’d probably go 4 to ensure I’m seeing the program as the director intended (I think this is correct)

The TV, and each bathroom, are on different floors and we have very steep stairs. I’m not sure any amount of mirror work would really work.

what a lovely set of towels

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  • I’m imagining boring, straight mirrors
  • Got them dangling from daft angles to get my number as low as possible

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four if I wanted to watch with my head turned right, otherwise five

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Thanks shrewbie, that’s really kind of you to say

If you moved the exercise bike you could potentially do it in 3 from the downstairs bathroom… One angled at bottom of stairs visible from toilet, one angled at top of stairs, one in front of TV

Not a fun viewing experience tho

Probably 7, it’s through the kitchen

Downstairs: 1
Upstairs: reckon I could do 3. Would be 2 if I could suspend mirrors outside and peek through the window, but the glass is frosted, unfortunately

if i could move the TV to anywhere I wanted, reckon I could get it down to three

From the toilet

Mirror 1 hanging down from the ceiling, angling down the stairs

Mirror 2 in the corner of the stairwell


great ratio of replies to views itt
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Thank you for doing this. You have a beautiful home

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I guess the people that need an even number is optimal as it will, presumably, cancel out the reverse mirror effect

4, which surprises me given how small my flat is.

If i can get the angle right then possibly 4 but I’m not confident

If I’m brushing my teeth I can watch the telly in its normal state cos.its reflects off the shower door and into the mirror and in to my eyes. Love it.

You’re very welcome and I hope to see more hypothetical mirror arrangement photo tours (HMAPTs)

don’t have a TV but do have plenty of screens for watching stuff on

from the upstairs toilet to my computer monitor is a short distance but would still need 2 mirrors

You can’t deny the pure beauty of that. Yeah yeah shower door needs a scrub