If you wanted to watch your TV from your toilet in their current locations how many mirrors would you need?

4 I think

might be an object or two blocking the ideal line of sight though, so would either need to move that or deploy additional mirrors to get around that, and tbh I’m not sure I’m prepared to do that

Ooh is Jofra playing. Good to see!

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I think it’s probably six, Shrewbs

Which toilet?

If I piss on the sofa then none :thinking:

That’s step 2 of becoming a World of Warcraft pro gamer!

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One from the downstairs toilet.

Theoretically four from the upstairs toilet but in practice I reckon five. Mind you, Dr Mrs Epimer’s PhD involved a lot of very precise alignment of mirrors in lasers, so if I put her in charge of it she’d probably find a way to do it in two.

are we allowed to position mirrors outside of the house?

Are you gonna try and watch next door’s too?

Very smart



big mirror on kitchen unit


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Cardboard rug

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I made @shrewbie’s lounge a bit more festive for his birthday


been using it for assembling furniture on
might keep it though, ties the room together imo

You could draw your own design on it


Two different designs, one on each side. Is it the BUSINESS RUG today or the PARTY RUG?


7 I reckon.