If you went to Italy

Where in particular would you go.

Ok also
Where are the garden and dance scenes in 8 1/2 filmed and all of Juliet of the spirits.

The amalfi coast is a place that looks ok. Where’s good along there from Rome to amalfi

Don’t mention Capri.



I have been to:

The lakes, Milan, Rome, Venice, Tuscany, Umbria, Sardinia, Sicily, Naples

Can confirm that all were my favourite places. Italy is just the best. That said, in terms of the actual question, not done much coast, so cant really answer the Rome to Amalfi bit. Just did the Rome to Naples train, and didn’t make it to Amalfi, but would love to.

If I was picking one though: Sicily.

Depends what you want?

Rome is brilliant and I have a soft spot for Venice (out of season of course).

Love the Italian Lakes (Garda, Como, Maggiore) although it’s very much more relaxed there.

Amalfi coast is also great with a lot of varied things to do.

I’ve been to Italy a lot (not Sicily though) so if you have any specific questions let me know.

I’d take 2/3 weeks out and go all over it. You can have about half a dozen different holidays in Italy. All amazing. Venice, Florence, the Amalfi Coast, Sicily, the villages in the South, Trieste, the Northwest coast (Genoa, Boccadasa etc.).

Love Italy so much.

I like Italy on the whole. Rome is wonderful, I like Florence (lots of tourists but hey, you’re one too), I like Venice (same deal). Wouldn’t bother with Milan or Verona.


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i’ve only been to sardinia
it was good. more lizards than people

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Florence is my jam. Great memories of getting up at dawn and going to the main piazza to sit on the cobbles and be a dweeb and write poems (daaaahling). Cycling around Tuscany is also pretty special (if tiring)!

Specifically regarding the amalfi coast, I’ve stayed in Maiori and Minori both of which are nice little places to stay.

Would go Spain instead

Verona + Venice are a good pair to do in one trip. I would never go in the summer though.

In summer, especially in August most Italians are on holiday so things are either super busy with tourists or dead and everything’s closed.

Can’t believe people are suggesting Sicily, even Sicilians aren’t in Sicily in the summer.

Went to Bologna last year as Ryanair fly there. Really great food and good towers

not sure of the species

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If you went to Rome
Where would you go?

Other than the E.U.R bit.

only ever been to Sardinia. we got bumped up to a five star hotel after the apartment they’d booked was cancelled. all i can remember is how great the food was, how many wasps there were if you ate dinner before 8pm and getting what i presume was a verruca

probs try and stay in trastevere (sp)

or anywhere central but not too near the train station

also i wouldn’t go (to rome) in july/august cos it will be hottttttttttttttttt

OMG I literally just did this for my honeymoon!

The island of Ischia is stunning! I’ll upload a photo of the view from our hotel room. Ischia is great. You can drive or get a bus around the whole island easily. There are some really cool places and it’s not too touristy.

For the second part of our honeymoon we went to the Amalfi coast. Do not stay in Positano unless you love places rammed with tourists. The town of Amalfi is much nicer. We stayed in Praiano which is between the two and very pleasant.

I’ll write more when I’m home from work.