If you were a bird what would you make your nest from?

Tell me the decor, things like that. How do you fend of cuckoos and how do you maximise your chick warmth?

Here’s a poll because statistics show that threads with polls are more popular

  • Tweet tweet tweet
  • Caw caw caw
  • Caka caka caka
  • Oo oo o o o oo oo aaa aa
  • Gobble Gobble
  • Coo Coo
  • Chya Chya Shaklak lak get me the fuck off this track
  • Wooooooooooooo! (spooky ghost bird)
  • Different sound

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I think it would be very pleasing to be a Bowerbird.


They are the BEST saw a load of their nests back in Oz, but never saw one doing the sexy dance

Hm. On second thoughts, I am not very good at sexy dancing, so would probably be miserable as a bowerbird.

Pipe cleaners for me please.


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Bricks and mortar

How are you mixing the cement>?

cement mixer

He’ll wing it.


Not bad, this

and how are you getting the composite ingredients into the mixer without opposable thumbs?

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I make mine out of sticks, mud and chewed up risen chews

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He can buy in cheap labour

Stands to risen

steel reinforced concrete

Human shit.

Hair. Hang around outside a hairdressers and take it

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Hair. Use my women’s hair collection.