If you were a bird what would you make your nest from?

Tell me the decor, things like that. How do you fend of cuckoos and how do you maximise your chick warmth?

Here’s a poll because statistics show that threads with polls are more popular

  • Tweet tweet tweet
  • Caw caw caw
  • Caka caka caka
  • Oo oo o o o oo oo aaa aa
  • Gobble Gobble
  • Coo Coo
  • Chya Chya Shaklak lak get me the fuck off this track
  • Wooooooooooooo! (spooky ghost bird)
  • Different sound

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I think it would be very pleasing to be a Bowerbird.


They are the BEST saw a load of their nests back in Oz, but never saw one doing the sexy dance

Hm. On second thoughts, I am not very good at sexy dancing, so would probably be miserable as a bowerbird.

Pipe cleaners for me please.


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Bricks and mortar

How are you mixing the cement>?

cement mixer

He’ll wing it.


Not bad, this

and how are you getting the composite ingredients into the mixer without opposable thumbs?

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I make mine out of sticks, mud and chewed up risen chews

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He can buy in cheap labour

Stands to risen

steel reinforced concrete

Human shit.

Hair. Use my women’s hair collection.


Hair. Wait for Kermit to gather it from the hairdresser then nick it off her.

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