If you were given a fully functional time machine, right now, for free would you


Serious answer. I’d go back to filming of the movie back to the future and gradually use my influence (dunno how i get this but let’s worry about that another day) to make the scenes with marty and his mum more and more disturbing, to see how much tinkering it takes to turn it from beloved classic to ‘burn it with fire’.


I would say thank you, yes

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Tbh I’d probably want to see Jesus. Just to see what all the fuss was about.

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Was this a first attempt?


boring, but i’d just go forward a few months so this house move was done and baby here just to see if it’s all worked out, as im really unsure right now!

Either that or go back to about 91 san diego and pop to the che cafe


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I don’t really want to mess anything up too much, so I’m just going to go back a week or so and use the winning lottery numbers.

Everything else is too risky IMO!

What good will that do you?

Without wanted to get too dogged down by existentialism, I win the lottery and have lots of money

I have amended for more clarity - hope this helps!


Yeah, you’d better believe I’m doing something to make myself incredibly wealthy. No apologies, no regrets.

I’d say thanks and give the inventor a finder’s fee.

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Changed my mind about just looking around, I’d like loads of money too actually.


Would you let them borrow your time machine to help them with the filming?

Those cowboys? No.


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Am I allowed to bring my toothbrush?

Want to brush your teeth before kissing a dinosaur?

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it’s lottery numbers for me

tho that just shows that I’m lucky

eg. all three of my closest friends would go visit people they’ve lost as that would be worth more to them than a load of cash

JFK Assassination also, maybe RFK. I would be interested in seeing the 1917 October revolution but don’t really want to die either.

If you went back in time would you actively try and change events you knew would happen or just observe?

I’d say thanks…but then as I was travelling into the future I’d say ‘for nothing’