If you were going on a long train journey what would you take on the train?

Ipad / tablet loaded with telly / film to watch

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totally knew that post was just a “i’m taking a longer train journey than you” post in waiting


phone charger
music / podcasts
a book

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At least one pair of shoes I think. Probably only one pair. On my feet. Also probably a train ticket.

Portable charger
Train beers

Really quite like a good train journey.

If it’s not too busy, there’s no football or hen crowds and I don’t have to change trains - it’s lovely. Even better if I’m going somewhere exciting.


Probably at least one train poo, too.

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If I really wanted to do that, I’d have pointed out how I was offered a ticket to a conference in Plymouth, but that it’s seven hours from here and I cba.


My yardstick to this is obviously London to Edinburgh, which I’ve done now about 37853743 times.

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I used to, but I honestly haven’t had a pleasant train journey like that for years. Always too busy. Always terrible facilities. Usually stags / hens or football fans going to away games. I’m going to do Paddington - Cardiff by myself in a few weeks and that used to be great, two and a half hours to have a few beers and chill, but now I know I’ll be fighting for my (pre-booked!) seat and surrounded by twats.

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In addition to this - if I’m taking the Friday evening Dublin <> Belfast train, I am taking an upgrade to first class as I am far too much of a grump to stand for 2 hours in an aisle, surrounded by stag and hen parties.

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I tend to make sure I have a book, charger, headphones, some music downloaded onto my phone (ambient stuff for if I’m reading and some more involved stuff for if I’m faffing about on DiS or staring out of the window feeling all my super deep feelings) and some podcasts. Never sure what mood I’ll be in. Also some snacks and beers.

Love a good train journey I do.


Probably the biggest impediment to tackling climate change is how fucking rubbish public transport is, isn’t it.


mutes thread

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God I did this journey last year to my cousin’s wedding. It was horrendous, plus on the way back they unilaterally cancelled all the direct trains for the whole day.

Podcasts on my phone
Newspaper for the crosswords
Book maybe
Full picnic

Thought there weren’t any trains in Ireland

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I think possibly the interconnectedness of the global power networks and the global political power networks, and the innate resistance of human beings to moderate their own pleasure are probably slightly bigger impediments.


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^ 4 minute train journey

A good point well made. Fucking trains.


It’s grim! I’ll get to Paddington, get some supplies from M&S, then join the horde waiting by the boards trying to find out which platform the train is on. The platform will be announced about two minutes before departure, so a thousand people, most of whom have suitcases, or small children, or both, will stampede to the train and fight to get on. If I make it to my seat, and don’t have to fight with someone to get out of it, I’ll be sat there with people stood in the aisle right over me, while the whole carriage reverberates with drunken singing. Someone will throw up in the vestibule before Swindon.

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