If you were going on a long train journey what would you take on the train?

What’s your longest ever train journey

  • Not on trainbook
  • < 1 hour
  • < 2 hours
  • < 3 hours
  • < 4 hours
  • < 8 hours
  • < 12 hours
  • < 24 hours
  • 24 + hours

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Swindon eh?


I keep taking Cross Country rather than LNER cos they’re cheaper, but their trains are often [a] late [b] filthy [c] overheated or, if I’m really lucky, [d] all of the above.

Really need to move to Edinburgh and get a job that doesn’t require regular train travel

18 hours, Catania to Genoa. Didn’t book seats so we had to sit on the floor outside the toilet for the first 14 hours, but there were some shady Italian guys there too that we befriended and had some pretty good dope so that was ok really.


I think Rome to Barcelona which seems to be about 22 hours.


Tablet with a few episodes of some shows (Seinfeld probs) and a couple of lighter films - at least once we’re hitting that 4 hour mark.

Chicago to San Francisco, which was supposed to be 52hrs but ended up being 70.

Incredible journey though, obviously.


I always think these adverts should be banned for showing a totally unrealistic version of modern train travel:

I think it’s actually currently being replaced by rail replacement buses

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I think it was Yangshuo to Chengdu in China but I know it was 32 hours.

Quito to Guayaquil - 4 days

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Best train journey used to be Sheffield > London, but the last time I did that was back under the glorious Tonty regime. I imagine uk rail services have deteriorated since then.

I cannot imagine taking a train for over 10 hours. If you’re stopping off places then sure, but as a straight journey? Oh no no

Or are we allowing discontinuous journeys to count?

discontinuous journeys: no
sleeper trains: yes

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You’d… bring one with you?


What do you mean by discontinuous?

So you are traveling from A to C, but stop off at B in between. Not for a week or anything but maybe a half day.

If you get a bed then it is fine.

Oh true yeah I have done sleepers before. Rethinking everything rn.