if you were going to reinvent yourself tomorrow, with a whole new style, without the usual self doubts etc

what you going for?

i reckon i’d head back to trying to look like skater me at 19 - quicksilver barneys with the stupid belt that’s like the one on airplanes; plaid shirt over white tshirt etc. converse.

people would say THAT guy is cool in his mid 30s!

Jeremy Clarkson cosplayer

so you’d just dress like [redacted] then

1980 professional tennis player




yeah this is a powerful shout. just raw confidence. if anyone ever remarks on the look just say you have no idea what they’re talking about and then shove them over


Cowboy boots.

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yeah i think a lot of people secretly want these. i’d never have the stones but maybe when i get really old

I think you should do it @xylo !

I was thinking about this the other day. Before Covid I wore a lot of twee and granny chic stuff so I’m going to bring that back as we emerge back into a semi-normal world. Not really a reinvention.

I’ve got quite into French fashion since being here with the whole kind of tailored or styled casual look. I even bought a nautical (understated sailor) dress with a boatneck the other day.

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@epimer style NetRunner dude

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At the weekends maybe.

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OOH NAUTICAL DRESS. if it doesn’t show up in the selfie thread you’re doing us a disservice

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samurai prob

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full kit wanker or just some cool robes?

wait is your hair currently long enough to do a man bun?

Mainly just the robes really. Hair needs growing out but that won’t take too long.

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I’d style myself on Larry David.

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Full football kits with dress shoes

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Those guys with the tats and muscles who got sea shanty memed

Scandinavian capsule wardrobe minimalist rather than off-brand Nick Miller