If you were gonna buy a new PC in the year 2020

where would you buy it from? Any of those customise/build a PC for you companies you could recommend that aren’t a ripoff?

Here are some comedy response polls to save you typing them.

  • I wonder simply build your own
  • Buy a macbook
  • Nobody needs a desktop anymore
  • Curry’s PC world
  • when I was young PC meant police constable
  • Have you tried the post office
  • etc

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What sort of things do you want to use it for, and what sort of budget are you talking?

Great thread

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Q: Where in the world?
A: PC World


I remember this slogan, and that - to my mind - is the sign of a successful slogan.


I think about that little song at least twice a day I would hazard.

In tel in side

I saw some programme with the composer of that piece in this calendar year.

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That’s got to be top 10 most famous pieces of music ever.

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Currys Currys Currys Currys Currys Chameleon
It comes and goes
It comes and goooooes

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We’re getting a bit distracted in here, we should be trying to help Eric buy a PC really.

I got a PC from this independent place in County Square, Ashford about 18 years ago but that place isn’t there any more. I could try and find out if they relocated or just shut down?

Was that Geoff’s place?

Don’t think so

bunch of funny guys here eh

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No, you’re thinking of Byker Grove.

I got one built to spec from Overclockers, but looking at my emails, that was nearly six years ago. PC is still fine though, so maybe I over specced at the time or technology / software hasn’t moved on that much


That feeling when you realise you’ve been muted

Unless you’re using it for intensive graphics rendering or modern gaming or video editing, then you shouldn’t need anything too powerful.

will have a look ta, though just from the look of it i can already sense the outrageous markup

When I built a pc it was from there. That was like 15 years ago but I think back then they were known for good customer service and alright prices.

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