If you were interviewing Protomartyr, what would you ask them?



Interviewing them tomorrow night before their Nijmegen show. Any burning questions? Have to say, I think I’ll be a bit intimidated by how well read Joe is.


Ask them if they like all salad items, or if they’re just pro tomato


Wish I’d had this t-shirt made now


How did their collaborations with Kelley Deal come about? She’s guested on a number of songs now and I’ve always wondered how they came to work together.


Oh yeah? I didn’t realise she’d guested on anything other than Wheel Of Fortune, what other tracks is she on?


She’s also on ‘You Always Win’ off the new EP, along with this track from a split single with her band R.Ring from 2016.


What foreign language did the horse start speaking in?


Nijmegen Bon Iver


Definitely what your man’s reading atm - and maybe his shout for some great biographies. He mentioned an Elvis one that sounded fascinating. Also we hear a lot about books that have influenced him but what about films? And are there any songwriters he really goes back to?


Great shout this, he talked about the Elvis biography during his interview on the Kreative Kontrol podcast, actually made me want to read it despite having pretty much zero interest in Elvis.


Yeah same. It’s on my enormous list of books to buy but I’ve got to do a bit more chipping away at the to-read pile.


And enjoy the show - caught them twice in London and could just listen to them all day. Incredible how the right individuals can make something as simple as drums, bass, guitar and vocals sound so essential.


Well, this is what I asked them


Why have the pain au chocolats disappeared from Clitheroe LIDL?


Great interview, thanks for sharing it! Hope Relatives in Descent gets remembered as the modern classic that it is. It seems like a great guy to talk to


It was a great interview but you SHOULD have asked his donkey/language question. That was perfect in a way I’ll always be annoyed I never thought of it myself.


Cracking interview man. Delighted you got so much out of him about Kelley Deal. Really in depth stuff all round.


Thanks man! Was a really interesting interview to do, he’s a really affable guy.


I’d ask them what they thought of ma0sm, implying that I personally see him as decent.


didn’t see this thread earlier but I’d have just posted the time I interviewed them: