If you were only allowed one condiment for the rest of time

It would have to be ketchup, right? Versatile, sweet, savoury, and it can hide a multitude of sins. It would be hard saying goodbye to brown sauce for bacon sandwiches alone (though I don’t mind ketchup on a bacon sarnie), as well as mustard (all kinds) and any sauce of hot sauce. That’s really tough.

But this is the reality we’re faced with.

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I’d rather die.


salt or pepper



Surely don’t count? I’m going either BBQ or some kind of hot sauce. Don’t make me choose

right @hip_young_gunslinger do salt and pepper count as condiments or not?

same here

Ketchup is rarely the best condiment for a particular situation, but it’s the most flexible so yeah, a reluctant vote for davidoff cool ketchup

Hot sauce.

My mother claims I have the tastebuds of an old man who’s been smoking woodbines all my life (aka paternal grandad), because of my love of hot sauce and adding black pepper to things. She doesn’t like spicy food or even flavoured crisps though.

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BBQ sauce, no question. It’s the universal condiment.


But a proper good one, nothing too sweet. Something nice and smokey.


I’d probably go for a really nice tangy/sweet onion and tomato relish.

But ketchup is a good call otherwise.

Yeah, that’s the real question - which BBQ sauce?

I’ve no idea, it’s too difficult.

Yep, ketchup without a question. Though I’d miss mayonnaise.

Yeah, reluctantly ketchup mate, I’d be going for Bo’s own-brand rather than Heinz though I think

It’s the best condiment for chips and for bacon / sausage sandwiches.

ok then, if salt and pepper don’t count then i’m going mayo, but i’ll be gutted to see the back of tobasco

You’ll have to prize the mayonnaise, hot and BBQ sauces out of my cold, dead fingers.

I’ll let you take the brown but I’m going to have to take two of your toes (your choice) in return.

I think I’d forego a hot sauce on account of there being other ways of making food spicy. There’s no real substitute for ketchup.

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