If you were texting/emailing a radio show for a shout-out right this minute what would you be saying to make them give you one

As above

gis us a shout out bruv



“please can I have a shout out”

“Shoutout to all the virgins on DiS!”


literally had to put down my paperwork to dance around the office

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The only time I thought about doing this was as a potentially non-confrontational way to let a smelly guy on our floor know that he smelled. Would’ve been kinder to hear it from Edith Bowman than from any of us.

that would have been so lame.

Fuck mini babybel.

Dancing round the kitchen with my two year old twin girls to this cracking Hoosiers number!


Hi Ken, please can you give a shout out to my wife Simone, we’ve been together for nearly 21 years, she still loves to garden and I love smelling her rosebud!


mymate used to have Chris Moyles on Radio X on the breakfast show and he does this thing called the Platinum Hour on Fridays which tbf does play some pretty good music sometimes

but in between songs all Moylesy does is read out texts from people saying how much they love it

‘Rob from Chichester says WOW havent heard this for ages’
‘Tracy from Darlington says ace tune Chris’

Should state that for the purposes of this thread the shout-out would need to be based on the truth.

Essentially what I’m looking for in this thread is descriptions of what you are actually doing at the minute but formatted to sound like a potential radio shout-out.

“Shout out to George for reading Ant’s thread on bedwetter sanctuary drowned in sound”


I tried this with ESA’s radio show but after I posted this he said ‘I’m not going to do any cringey shout outs’.

this is from Wiggy, shout out to all the lucky fuckers in the call centre who are doing no work but getting paid as the systems have crashed

Hi is that Spengo, Can you give us office workers who are watching the clock and reading this MC shit thread a massive shout out.

Had to just stop everything I was doing and lie down after that.

Talking to my plumber about TV show Vikings! He says I should watch it! What do the listeners think?


Big shout to crisps and family who are driving from Hartlepool to Banbury this afternoon for great auntie Carol’s surprise 80th birthday party. Here’s some M People with Movin’ On Up to get you in the party mood!

This isn’t true, but there’s no way Steve Wright wouldn’t read that out. He laps that shit up. Probably give me a travel update too.