If you were texting/emailing a radio show for a shout-out right this minute what would you be saying to make them give you one

give me a shout out or I start executing hostages


listening to Astral Weeks and crying.

Oi!Oi! Me and the lads are in the car driving to Tall Trees, and we’re gonna have it large tonight! Roll us another fat one, Dave!

What the hell are you talking about?

Say you’re listening from somewhere obscure like Tajikistan or something.

Looks like SOMEONE wasn’t a fan of Dangerous Dave Pearce’s Dance Anthems…

Hey Steve, I’ve got a factoid: YOU’RE A PRICK

Hi Sarah, I’d like to ask Five Star why they’re so FUCKING CRAP, THEY’RE FUCKING MOTHER FUC…

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Would the aansa be Indiya mayte?

Loooooving the class music, makes me wish the weekend wasn’t 4 days away!!1!

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