If you were to be a celeb what would you be famous for?


Think carefully you want as many of the positives and as few of negatives as u can get away with


Being reclusive


Serial killer


My giant tarn


Conclusively proving the world is flat.


Dead peng


Pithy one-liners on DiS


We don’t need to prove it, the globe heads are the ones who should be doing the proving


Being famous for not being famous


Kate Bush has got this nailed hasn’t she, somehow instantly recognisable and completely invisible at the same time. With a shed load of money.


also a tory.


Do you mean what would I become famous for or once I was famous what would be my “thing”?





It’d be nice to be the guy who puts it to bed though. To just turn up on talk shows and have the host be all, “the world is round though, everyone knows that!” and I’ll just raise an eyebrow and say, “…is it?” and they’ll be all, “oh FUCK!”

The Man would never allow it though.


Whatchoo mean “if”?


Where’s @MartinClunes to give as some insight?


Being awkward