If you were to go in a random charity shop now, what would you definitely expect to find?


I would say a copy of Madonna’s ‘Music’ album and a ‘The World According to Clarkson’?


A teapot.


Richard Hammond: On The Edge

In the calendar year 2011 I went into 7 charity shops in a row which had a copy of this in stock.


Fifty Shades of Grey


Fifty shades of grey old man trousers.


My Missus buying more shit that will clutter up the house


Some of those old Top of the Pops compilations from the 70s that have session singers doing all the well-known songs to save money and disappoint children at christmas.


A black jumper


Maeve Binchy.




Loads of videos of Titanic and Friends. Saw a charity shop recently where they’d made a huge stack of just Titanic. Wish I’d taken a photo.


Some of her clothes banging about then do you reckon?


people working for no pay.


A sense of quiet desperation.


Think that’s just the smell of the old man trousers.


1x copy of Steam by East 17


loads of unopened cooking and travel books


Saddest thing I ever saw


Lesser-known tale by the Rev’d W. H. Awdry n which the naughty Titanic ignores the Fat Controller’s instructions and ploughs straight into an iceberg, killing all his passengers, and learning an important moral lesson in the process.


Phil Collins ‘No Jacket Required’, usually multiple copies.