If you were to go into a social situation where nobody knew you, and had to put on an accent (of your choice)


how long do you think you could last before your accent slipped and you started talking in your normal voice? And also, what accent would you choose?

I think I could keep up a cockney / lahndahn voice for maybe a day or so of a three-day work conference.


I’d do my hilarious brummy accent.

I’d last about three words.


I’d go really posh, could probably keep it up indefinitely.


35 mins
New Zealand



Well until I had to say bath or grass or something, then I might stumble.



Tree hours





Northern Irish. Be fine as long as I only had to talk about powers, showers and Peter Piper.




I tried to record myself doing a yorkshire accent a wee while ago and it kept on descending into a really posh scottish accent, basically I sounded like Mrs Doubtfire. So that.

Oh and I’d last for days.


Did this for a whole day with my friend once to wind her up when I visited her home town of St Albans. Kept it up magnificently.


Welsh. One word, seven, and then I’ll slip into cod-Indian shopkeep.



Could do indian all day if i tried to do welsh



About two words


Could definitely manage seven: Howay lads, alreet pet, up tha toon!


^he’s lying


ain’t no doubt


I like it! :+1:


camp German.