If you were to go into town* tomorrow morning at around 10am and sit in the outside seating at a café or whatever

How long do you think it would be before you saw someone you knew?

* or to a nearby part of the city you live where there’s a café. Mill Road in Cambridge or Shoreditch High Street or wherever you all live.

(For the sake of argument: someone you know well enough to say hi to, or do some kind of nod of recognition at the very least. And the café is open til 4pm)

  • Before I’d sat down
  • By the time I’d finished my first drink
  • Within the hour
  • I’d have to sit there all day but I’d see someone
  • Nope, nobody

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Extremely quickly. The benefit and curse of being quite a regular drinker


Well, just an average day. Law of averages and all that.

I live in a very small town, chances are I’d know the café staff too.


I usually see at least 1 or 2 people that require a hello any trip into the centre I take. If the cafe happens to be around work, forgetaboutit.

I normally see someone I know while I’m out, happens a lot more now Jim’s at school so there’s loads of other parents who live nearby. I saw @grievoustim on the way back from a gig the other night. Quite impressive to see someone you know around 11pm

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In Manchester, probably wouldn’t see anyone. In Wakefield, within an hour

I said sit there all day, but there’s always someone about who I recognise so probably in between that one and the previous shorter time period.

How are we defining “know”?

I live in a small village so I would definitely recognise plenty of faces, maybe a few I’ve exchanged pleasantries with, but I’ve voted that on balance of probability I wouldn’t see someone that I’d know by name.

Edit: It’s actually stated in the post. I don’t need to know them by name then. Changing my vote.

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In the biblical way


Reasonable chance of seeing someone I know from work if I hang around long enough

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Work day, no chance cos they’d be at work. Weekend probably an hour or so.

Not on CityBook mate

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My nearest nice cafe is about 2 mins away and I’m almost certain, due to this being a large village I’d see someone I vaguely know quite quickly, due to having a child who’s very inquisitive and nosy (so actually everyone knows her rather than me :joy:)


On the Isle of Man within twenty mins

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10am on a weekday, I’m probably waiting a while. But if I walk to the shops and back on an evening or weekend I will 100% see somebody every time.

Very quickly on account of having worked in a popular shop and I recognise all the naughty people that hang around