If you were to search online for job/career advice what would be useful?


I need to set my career coaching website up, but I keep putting it off because I’m not sure what to include. This is what I’m planning so far: info about career coaching and what it can help with, some practical tips such as interview and application advice, maybe a blog?

Can anyone help? What would you look for if you were searching online for career help? What would make you think a careers website is good?


When I was trying to find out more about my current profession, all of the information on here was really good: http://www.insidecareers.co.uk/professions/patent-attorneys/advice/

So, that.


It would probably be worth figuring out the most commonly asked questions concerning careers in major sectors, then writing them out in individual FAQ pages. For SEO that’ll probably prove the fastest way of putting together an authoritative silo. #justmytwopence


Do you want ideas for how to make your career coaching business draw customers in, or are you asking for ideas for things to include on a career coaching website?


Ah, that’s good to know, though there are so many other websites out there that detail specific professions and routes into them that it’s not my aim to do the same. Maybe further down the line if I do a blog I could have articles that focus on different industries.


yeah you’re absolutely right. I’ve done a little bit of SEO but definitely need to do more. Good advice, thank you :slight_smile:


primarily the latter. Though of course the overall aim is to create a useful and trusted website that will hopefully lead to more paying customers.


focus on specific industries that have high volumes of applicants as opposed to broader brushstrokes. faster SEO returns, overall better pagerank


I think a site that is a useful resource linked to lots of relevant resources and tools, structured under the different reasons people might be looking, school leavers, graduates, people looking for career change, and the most useful thing might be case studies that show what people have done, because sometimes when in a job rut it feels like there is no way out it is quite helpful to see it is possible


I’d definitely take this approach OR focus on an industry that has a lot of people that are seeking to change career or relocate or something like that and want advise on how their skills can translate and be applied.

These guys, for example, have a particular focus on medical careers advice: http://www.career-counselling-services.co.uk/


I love the idea of case studies!

Graduates and career changers are my main focus, possibly along with those that are facing redundancy.


That’s a really good idea, and not something I’d thought about before. I’ve got a lot of experience working with law graduates, many of whom don’t want to go on to become solicitors or barristers. Definitely something to think about!