If you were told you couldn't ever partake in any one of these again, which would you choose?

  • Books
  • Movies
  • Music

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Movies easily for me, can’t be bothered with them.

you can still listen to movie soundtracks though because that comes under music

Gonna say movies as I reckon I watch about 3 movies a year.


Books for me. Takes me ages to finish one as it is

movies then books then music

Missing a fourth option of Smashing Pumpkins/Last Jedi threads obviously



I mean I read more books than I see films but fuck off am I gonna miss irking @ericVI by liking some Star Wars or Marvel film in the future.

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yeah that’s ok

i read less books than i watch movies but it’s still an option i want to keep.

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i’ve pretty much sacked off books already

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If a book is any good they’ll make it into a film anyway.

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Prefer books to films. The pictures are better.

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haven’t read a whole book for about 12 years so no issues there

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Do the books have pictures?

Can i still watch films?

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i’d just get the soundtrack to my fave movies and reenact the scenes in my living room.

It’s all just Marvel films these days anyway, isn’t it. No great loss.


Too hard

I read so little. So books I guess. Music is too essential