If you were told you couldn't ever partake in any one of these again, which would you choose?

that and overhyped seen-it-all-before horror films

Since when are films not called films any more?

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But not picked up from any of those books it should be ‘fewer’ :wink:

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Who is telling me this? I don’t think I’d let myself get pushed around so easily.

Bit disappointed in some of you to be honest.

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i don’t make the rules

I’d probably give up movies over podcasts/radio at this point too

tried giving captain america: civil war a fair shake on netflix the other day and after five minutes i realised i was watching nothing. a completely empty 2 1/2 hours of extremely loud and colourful nothing.

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you’re watching 55 year old men in hollywood play with life-sized action figures. that is what you are doing when you go to the cinema to watch captain america.

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I mean movies and television is what I do for a living, so I guess it’d have to be books :disappointed_relieved:

books are probably the best of the three