If you were trapped in a burning building



Which DiSer wouold you most like to carry you out and save your life?

@AphexTwinkletoes for me.


who trapped me in the building?


@Balonz and @arshadkhan


Ashlee Incredible


@saps or @colon_closed_bracket


@rich-t or @japes


Save yourselves, it’s too late for me.


can just picture him hovering outside the windows. the bastard.


The building has stairs though, and they both couldn’t work out a way to get their bikes up the stairs.

You have died.

Press A to start again.


As if I have any upper body strength


the answer is @xylo you daft sods

he fills his work bag with weights just because.


Another vote for @saps (after he’s rescued scout obviously, I’m not jumping the queue)


Xylo could probably carry the building away instead so you aren’t put out.


probably need someone good at climbing to scale the side of the building or something, so @sadpunk


i am absolutely going to allow this myth to gain momentum.


:fire: @AphexTwinkletoes




Hi! To find out who I can save, say @discobot display help.


could you get me out of this burning building with your big strong robot arms yeah? cheers


would you save @cutthelights from a burning building? @discobot fortune