If you were you take your shoes and socks off right now


If you were you take your shoes and socks (/tights/etc) off right now, how long do you think it would take before (a) someone noticed that you were bare-footed and (b) someone commented to you that you were bare-footed?

For me: I’m not planning to leave my desk for a while, until I need a wee and/or another drink. So I think I reckon I’m fine for an hour or so. (My feet are under my desk). I reckon it’d be noticeable to anyone walking past, so I’d say 1 hour for (a). In terms of someone commenting: I don’t reckon anyone would comment for ages. I reckon my wife would comment if I got home and was still bare-footed, so that’s four and a half hours away.


Reckon nobody would notice until 1600 but it would be commented on immediately once noticed.


Okay, but what if you were to go outside? or to the bar, or whatever. Would someone notice and comment at some point?


Got about three hours before 'er indoors lives up to her name, so: about three hours.


i’m about to get up and make a coffee so probably not very long


So the first person to notice could be a paramedic?



8 minutes? Place closes at 3


Seconds. The office is so small that the very act of removing the footwear would be clocked and questioned.