If you write anything on your computer you NEED to get Grammarly

You cunt

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You, cunt

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my grammar would never use that kind of language

How are we pronouncing grammarly?

  • Grammar-lee
  • Gram-marly (rhymes with Charlie)

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Would Grammarly have got rid of a capitalised word in the middle of a sentence? Asking for a friend.

Neither sounds like a real word.

Asking for A friend

Grammar Lee shot Billy

:musical_note:He had a Colt forty-five and a deck of cards


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I use it on my desktop, the free version anyway s’alright :man_shrugging:

Speak for yourself - I’m in Study hall with the captain of the football team.


The colour palette is always a dead giveaway too. Febreze adverts ways take place entirely in primary colours.

Coming over here with their shockingly basic colour palletes.
Thats why i want a hard brexit