If your partner went through all of your posts on here

on pointless the other day Richard Osman said it was “zhoosh” if you’re interested

If I had a partner I probably wouldn’t bother with dis tbh :woman_shrugging:

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How does that change what you do on the toil… you know what, never mind.

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tbf I’ve no interest in ever being with someone again unless they actually like me for the slightly unhinged meganerd that I am, so if they read my posts and don’t like what they see they can jog on.

Employers would be a different kettle of fish…


wtf? bros before hos, laelfs.


Think she’d just think “that’s the kind of thing he bores me with at home”

i’ve got a list written down somewhere, hang on


It’s ok I don’t think have to worry any time soon :woman_shrugging:

finger to forehead Can’t get embarrassed when a partner sees my posts if I never have a partner


Boss - sacked because I talk about him being a proper granite Tory sometimes (found out earlier that he wanted Leadsom to be PM in 2016 lmaooo) and he has a delicate nature when it comes to matters of filth.

Managing director who is also kind of my boss and is more important than my actual boss - promoted, he would enjoy my fun and feisty posting style. We had a chat today about putting some butt plug content into his conference talk next week in Australia, great times.

Last time I had a bf I used to tell him about Kik’s fake Man City bets in between hysterics. Not sure why he broke up with me??


Given that about 75% of my output on here is moaning about work, and that I referred to my boss as Mr Cunt in a thread the other day, I’m pretty sure I’d be heading out the door.


Yeah, the filth thread alone would have me out the door at work

Don’t think I fully realised how weird I am until I started posting on DiS

But what about your Mum?

  • Humour and merriment
  • Shame and disappointment
  • Pride and affection
  • Disgust and revulsion
  • Confusion and befuddlement
  • It’s ok, you were never the favourite child
  • My mum doesn’t know how to internet

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Sacked and probably even killed

He doesn’t like people calling him out on it

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