If your work computer crapped out right now


and IT came to take it away and inspect your hard drive overnight, how screwed would you be tomorrow?

  • not at all
  • eh, some contraband but not getting fired or owt
  • get a serious telling off
  • :skull:

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Did have a time at a previous place of work where the IT guy took my work laptop away, came back the next day and congratulated me on the quality of my FM08 save and spreadsheets cataloguing the 26-year long career I’d built up whilst in the office.


I got called into the IT technician’s office in sixth form because my user folder was full of gbs of absolute shite. He opened a file at random and it was this and I couldn’t keep a straight face:



can IT bods easily check cloud drives? asking for a friend


Mine has absolutely nothing of interest. There’s not really anything saved on the actual computer anyway, it’s all on the network. Had a fascinating collection of photos of damaged pallets saved to my desktop earlier but they’ve been deleted now.


I suppose they might find a few spreadsheets related to fantasy football stuff, but if anything those have helped me hone my excel skills, and was work time well spent.


Nothing incriminating on the machine at all, except the browsing history is basically eight-solid hours of DiS and various news sites. If they chose to look into that I’d guess there’d be some awkward questions?


I’d be screwed because my entire project is only saved on my desktop. Probably should remedy that huh.

I do everything non-work related on my phone. Probably looks like I’m always on my phone (I am)


I’ve got loads of bits of short stories and drafts of reviews and stuff so I’d be mildly embarrassed at worst.


there is no IT here


Yeah same actually




Same here. We have a tech team who function as a de facto IT team because they’re all making shitloads out of computers, but they actually get a bit annoyed when asked for IT support stuff (which is fair enough I suppose).




quite curious what @the_dazzled is into but maybe it’s better not to ask :thinking:



I’d have to explain all the pictures of @Lo-Pan and @cutthelights that are stored in the folder called “Yeah, uh huh”, but apart from that I’d be fine.


:face_with_raised_eyebrow: :grimacing:


wont get in trouble coz

  • nobody cares
  • don’t do internetz on work computer
  • careful to delete stuff
  • unable to imagine a hypothetical IT dept. even for the sake of a potentially humourous thread

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Don’t really have an IT person, just a Sys Admin guy who sits looking at classic car forums pretty much all day long so know he wouldn’t give a toss. Don’t really download much stuff these days. Not like in the olden days when I’d have Napster running 9-5. They were good times, weren’t they? On the rare occasion I do download something, i’ll copy it to my NAS drive then delete it off my work machine.

Browsing history wise, the one thing I worry about is a few of the political threads I dip into on a West Ham message board.