If you're currently working in an office would you say this office is the dustiest office you've ever worked in?

  • Dustiest
  • Least Dustiest
  • Average Dust
  • Tory Dust

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my office or your office?

I’m visiting HQ and working in someone’s office. It’s reasonably clean but shoes lying around and the monitor is at a weird angle and I’m not sure whether to change it…

Before you leave, change:

  • The orientation of the monitor
  • The location of some of the keys on the keyboard
  • The amount of cress seeds in the keyboard
  • The brightness / contrast settings on the monitor.
  • The height of the chair you’re sitting on.
  • The back angle of the chair you’re sitting on.
  • The way the arms are set on the chair you’re sitting on.
  • Burn the entire fucking office down.

My office is a big nondescript block, in the middle of a wind trap on a peninsula, with a load of earthworks going on outside. Since it’s autumn the atrium floor is full of leaves and builder’s detritus that’s blown in.

So yes it’s fucking filthy.



Super excited about Neutral Milk Hotel’s next LP


Two offices ago was the worst. Grade 1 listed building, which the cleaners presumably read as not worth dusting. Every surface looked like Al Pacino’s desk in Scarface.

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i don’t think anyone has cleaned the floors in this place since it was a pattern cutting factory or whatever. it’s fucking grim. if you put your backpack on the floor the bottom of it comes up grey. all my black trainers get ruined. i assume it is also slowly killing all of us. great stuff.