If you're having a jacket potato with beans and cheese

do you -

  • put the cheese on the potato, then the beans on top
  • put the beans on the potato, then the cheese on top
  • put some cheese on the potato, then beans, then MORE cheese on top of the beans
  • not on cheesebook man

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Cheese-beans-cheese, obviously. Why wouldn’t you?

I’ve had it on chips more times than on a jacket potato, but the same thing applies

some real headcases out there dude!

You don’t want the cheese to melt! No no no.

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Honestly never occurred to me

For my own part I can only say that I don’t tend to make this at home and I don’t want to ask the person preparing this delicious meal for me to faff about any more than necessary. Plus the main thing is just for the cheese to be melted, innit

that’s exactly what you want it to do! liquid cheese…YEAH!

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In the unlikely event that I’m having a jacket potato I do that thing where you scoop the potato out of the skin, mash it up with butter and cheese and then put it back in the skins, beans would probably be on the side in such a case

  • I like jacket potatoes
  • Meh

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It’s genuinely good to have a man of the people like yourself back @bird :+1:

DiS food


Just add the cheese when you’re adding the grated carrot, obviously.

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aww thanks bud!

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