If you're walking in public and you encounter a set of stairs or a ramp with a railing in the middle


do you walk

  • on the left hand side
  • on the right hand side
  • give a fuck m9

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360 nollie hardflip onto the rail and grind up it




Slide down the railing


My general inclination would be to go left, but my decision would be influenced by my intended direction after the split finishes, also by the amount and direction of people traffic on either side.


Whenever I go to watch Liverpool with my Mum we have go up these steps on the way to the ground. Once I got 4 steps up the middle set and my Mum made me come back down and go up the left one because it’s bad luck and we’d definitely lose if I went any other way.

I slide back down on the way back if we win.

  • upon reading the poll I pictured a set of stairs going upwards
  • upon reading the poll I pictured a set of stairs going downwards
  • I am aphantasmic

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alright corbyn LOL


Yeah this is pretty much my methodology. Reason I asked is almost every set of stairs I encounter on a daily basis here, almost everyone seems to do the exact opposite and I can’t understand it at all. Maybe Edinburgh folk are just weird


Nailed it


did they win after you course-corrected?


I’m going to test out my theory next time I’m in Glasgow


Keeps you sword hand free. Very medieval of you.


Probably. Happy to have played my part.


Clive’s from Edinburgh. So I agree, of course.


Would love to see you do an ollie, let alone a nollie hardflip


It’s been… a bit over 15 years, but I reckon I could still land one. On a nice flat even surface. And the right shoes. And if no-one’s looking at me.


And by “one” I mean an ollie, I’m not Rodney fucking Mullen.


Was pretty convinced at one stage that I would skate my whole life. Didn’t quite pan out that way.


at least in heaven you can skate