If you're walking in public and you encounter a set of stairs or a ramp with a railing in the middle


I see kids bombing around town on their skateboards and still think I could do 75% of the stuff I used to. Borrowed my old board I leant to my partner’s brother (nice Landscape deck, independent trucks, swiss red bearings and blueprint wheels), tried a pop shove it and fell over, rolling my ankle in the process. Could weirdly still land a fakie 360 though.


There’s still time. For both of us. Let’s hit the Frensham Ponds skate park this weekend, just you and me.


Where the fuck is my Santa Monica Airlines deck? Pretty sure it’s not in the lockup.


Apparently my eldest niece rolls about on mine (it’s still in my mum’s garage) but tells her not to tell me in case I’ll be angry.

I’ve never once been angry in her presence so I don’t know why she thinks that would be what sets me off, but there you go.


Thinking about this: if I’m walking out of Waverley and up Fleshmarket Close then it’s pretty obvious that I’ll be staying right.