If you're watching a quiz show

and there’s others in the room, do you say the answers you know out loud?

  • Yes always
  • No never
  • Sometimes, it depends on… (please elaborate)

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And do you believe that this is attention seeking or know-it-all behaviour

  • Yes
  • No

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This is one of the main things to do whilst watching a quiz show. It’s maybe 85% of why they are a successfhl format


depends who I’m with

will always do it with my parents but not with my bf


I tend to say them outloud and be wrong or keep quiet amd think them and be right then i want to say “i knew that i knew it honest i did” but it sounds like lies so i just retreat into self loathing.

An allegory for my entire life.


if it’s only connect and I get one right my partner says things like “wow you should go on this show!” which is really mean.


also no greater feeling than when a posho doesn’t know the rare “popular music” rounds on university challenge

you’re there shouting KATE BUSH at the TV or whatever


How loud do you say the answers?

  • The faintest whisper, lost to the sound of a gentle breeze
  • A louder whisper, the sort you may use when being seductive
  • Normal conversational volume (very low pitch)
  • Normal conversational volume (natural pitch)
  • Normal conversational volume (very high pitch)
  • Relatively loudly, as if calling someone in an adjacent room with a closed door
  • Very loudly, as if projecting to a room of people whilst delivering a speech without a microphone
  • Extremely loudly, as if crying out for help in a forest fire
  • Even louder than that (record yourself shouting the answer and then digitally louden)

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Big fan of just shouting insults back at the tv if I don’t know it too.


Wish I came from a family of hollering at the tv. Grew up in a very silent tv family :frowning: always jealous of families who hollered when I went round mates houses


Relentless post show analysis however, often leading to flaming arguments

I do farts to the sound of what the answer is


Depends on the show and the round.

Only Connect will blurt out ideas for the first two connections rounds as soon as they come to me and my wife does the same, we basically confer. Then we do the walls in silence and compare answers only after time is up. Then during the missing vowels round whoever gets it first just says “got it” so the other can keep trying.

University Challenge I tend to shout out a guess for everything immediately because I never really know any of it but I do guess well so I’ll land a few per episode.

Countdown we declare letters rounds at the end as the contestants would, numbers round the same but we usually acknowledge when we finish so can fast forward if there’s say 20 seconds left. Conundrums are again just declared as “got it” by the first to get it.

Millionaire anyone can just call out an answer as soon as you have one, like you would round the pub machines.

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I of course only yell out answers for non-smug quiz shows as I am a man of the people.

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The only answer I have got so far though is what word rhymes with harp but begins with p

and if I think you didn’t hear it the first time

so help me god

I will say that answer again


“ooooooh I’ll know it when they say it”


“It’s just one of those ones you either know it or you don’t know it”


Always so proud to get a University Challenge right

and then at the end, I’ll say “vegetable rights and peace” in a Neil from the Young Ones voice and my father - he will laugh


Everytime someone wins a holiday i say 'ah wicked, can’t wait to take the family on that’and everyone does a laugh


Love that when contestants say a silly answer it’s a mild rinsing but make the wrong bet on the Chase and auld ma ruffs is getting the pitchforks out.