Iiiiiiit's Monday Evening!

What are you up to gang?

I’m off to see Metronomy (see you at the bar @grievoustim?)

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Hiya :wave:

Need to pack.

Enjoy the gig

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Oh man enjoy! Seeing them in… two months?

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got a pal coming over, think we’re gonna get kebabs, probably masterchef

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I’m ill but I managed to do everything I needed to do at work so I don’t need to do anything now and can just go to bed

It’s a laugh a minute in my house

Oooh. A parcel? For Slicky? What CAN it be?


have to give up the following as they are bad for stomachs according to my GP:

cigarettes (already done)
stress (yeah mostly there)
caffeine (this will be tough)
spicy food (guess I could be a bit more boring)

How do you give up stress? Any tips?

don’t do anything :slight_smile:

Sounds good, I’d love to give it a try starting with this evening!!!

have few goals in life then you will be less disappointed when you fail at them. This was the biggest challenge but I’m basically there now

This one sounds less good

Evening Rob, evening everyone. Off into town tonight to see Pi. Any recommendations of good craft ale pubs handy for the Prince Charles Cinema welcome, given it’s finishing about 25 minutes before closing time.

Evening all. Finishing off some work in my hotel room before heading to the gym although I’m not sure I can be arsed then somewhere for dinner. Chinese or Italian, I’m not sure what. Been asked today to play a match on Saturday in the Scottish Championship which whilst I’m unfamiliar with the standards in Scotland I’m pretty sure is quite a bit higher than my current standard :grimacing:.


Also, hotel room update, compared to last weeks’s squat it’s a palace at about half the price. A microwave! A fridge!


so glad to be back at the flat after today, pure knackered. really think i should try harder to not go mental every fucking weekend. :thinking:

dinner, sofa, tv, bed, read, sleep.


a microwave in a hotel room, where do you find these places laelfs?! :grinning::wink:

Dunno but I’ll take it!

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I have now! You lot can wait untul the Friday thread of selfies. Thanks @epimer !! Xxx