Iiiiiiit's Monday Evening!

The problem is you’ve set the bar for these stories astonishingly high. From anyone else, that would be gold, it’s not even in your top 50 tbh.


I’ve got a memory like a goldfish and the last kermit story time I read was accidental pub nudity, so I assumed there would be a common thread.


Too slow, Funkhouser.

Sorry mate that’s awful news. Look after yourselves. Hugs


Sick of being skint

Would you have expected a pay raise after 20 months of working somewhere. Not sure what’s normal.

  • Yes
  • No you dickhead

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which one are you


Wait, what’s this?!

i love how you fall in stages rather than all at once


:joy::joy::joy: I thought you were falling on purpose to try and get the money!

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Made potato, onion and pepper hash with fried eggs on top. Got a raspberry leaf tea on the go and university challenge.


Oh God, you poor poor things. That’s just awful. Thank goodness she followed her instincts and tested/ got checked out in good time. I hope she recovers soon and you can all put this behind you. much love xxxxxxx


Fucking love yer style Kerms :joy:

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Bet it’s not as big as my chinspot!! A proper cyst right under the skin. WELP.

After a lifetime of clear skin I seem to have developed some kind of acne. Not happy about this one bit.

I feel your pain. I’m getting my hormone levels checked on weds as it’s just ridic just now.

Sick of working for a manchild’s poxy company. Wanna just work somewhere stable and boring instead of some prick’s vanity project.

Pile were fucking amazing. Really good to see you. The whole day was great!

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Eugh, national chin spot day. I’ve been messing with it for 2 days but it’s just a huge red mass too far down to do anything to. Got one in my eyebrow too. Not sure what’s going on.

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Just started Undone on Netflix (new animated show by the creator of Bojack), it’s pretty stunning so far! Brilliantly written characters and dynamics, awesome art style (seems rotoscoped like Waking Life or A Scanner Darkly) and has just introduced some time loop/time travel aspects. It’s going very big very fast so I hope they haven’t bitten off more than they can chew but damn … recommend everyone gives it a go!

just got off the phone with uncle YNWA. really like how scousers say ‘contract’.