Iiiiiit's SATURDAY!


I’ve been in the queue outside Resident since 4am. I’m just reaching the stage where I’m getting a bit delirious. Time to go and find some coffee.

Anyone else up this stupidly early?


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Hello, yes, but I am going back to sleep.

Any particular records you’re gonna get today?

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I’m in the queue at RT Nottingham. Be in the cafe soon :crossed_fingers:

Have a good one.


The 6am opening for coffee is a lifesaver. How far back are you? Saw the queue was long way around the corner.

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Because my music tastes are still completely rooted in the 90s, I’m going to buy the releases from Saint Etienne, the Beloved, 808 state and David Holmes. I’ve taken orders from a few of my mates who can’t be bothered to get up this early too.

I’m supposed to be taking these badasses out to Milton Keynes:

But I fucked up my alarm and am now running incredibly late so it’s going to be tight.


Baby got me up early, feel surprisingly fresh considering booze and a long train journey home from that London yesterday. Really looking forward to banging the new Cave In LP on in a bit.

Going to try and nap before MEGA DATE NIGHT tonight, we’re leaving the baby at my Mums then going to have a meal, watch an early performance of the Rocky Horror Show (featuring someone from Blue as Dr Frank N Furter!) then we have guestlist for Papa Roach which seemed funny at the time. I’m sure some beers will help.


Morning all

Am going to London today with the family. If you want to play a game of Spot CCB, we’re likely to be in the Tate Modern this morning and at the Greenwich Observatory at some point this afternoon. The eldest has some other plans (she’s drawn a London Chart apparently) (insert usual DiS joke about M&M World and the Aberdeen Steak House in here)



R and I are meeting friends (my old school friend and her son who luckily for me is the only kid at R’s preschool he has said is his friend) at the park in a couple of hours. Should probably get out of bed.

Hoping my brain isn’t going to seize up so much today because that would be very unfair on everyone else. If someone else could do all my decision making today that would help (especially choosing meals).

Also these two stunners:

Was tempted to change my deck to the one with Yoda and BB-8 in it purely for these, but that would be crazy.

got it in my bag anyway


Going to be all busy at work I reckon. Might just not go.

Baby up at 5:15 again :no_mouth:
Currently watching The baby club on CBeebies. They claim everyone is welcome at the Baby club but unless you are a baby or the owner of one I don’t think that’s true Baby Club!

Excellent Saturdaying ahead. Going to Hampden to watch the cup semi-final from the directors box and will be guzzling free booze and food. There better be prawn sandwiches or I’ll be disappointed. Then going to try to catch the hockey grand finals at Glasgow Green and then out for curry and drinks with some of the best dissers.


Want to swap days?

Plan: parkrun, brunch, shops, lots of cooking, friends over for dinner and board games

Reality: something in the bathroom is leaking so need to get a plumber in

No thanks!

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I’m baking some bread,
Then gonna fiddle with bikes all day. Watch footy on the tv later. may go to the cinema (alone :sob: )

and i’m coming too