Ikea are fully taking the piss here aren't they?

Aimed at that small market of middle class people with two withdrawing rooms I guess.

As usual!

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The range is meant to be customisable (or ‘hackable’ as they’re calling it), so it’s a kit of parts, I guess.

With his Ikea Award there.


No idea how some people enjoy going to IKEA. Awful experience all round

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Nobody does. They just say they do to wind people up and to try and make their relationships look stronger than they are.

My girlfriend enjoys it. This does not make our relationship appear strong imo

In fact the opposite really

My girlfriend claims to enjoy it at every moment except when we are in a branch of IKEA and in the following hours.


Think they described him as an awful baby. In French.

If you know what you want, avoid Friday evenings and weekends, enter through the warehouse bit, pick up your stuff and then leave, it’s not too bad.

I really enjoy putting together the furniture too.

EDIT: Oh, and NEVER go as a couple.

Really annoying that there’s this apparent convention that you have to go to IKEA as a couple huh. I don’t care about interior design, I don’t have any strong opinions on it, and if I did I’d be overruled anyway. No point me being there, happy to help unload and build everything, just don’t want to go to the shop


We’ve got around this by having their shit delivered to our gaff. Gotta put a bed together on friday and quite looking forward to it, adult Lego etc.


Eventually you have enough furniture, and then you don’t go to Ikea any more. I haven’t been in one for about a decade.

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Fucking church mate. Being moaned at for not having an opinion between two slightly different wicker baskets or whatever is no way to live.

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We’re buying a house soon :frowning:

Well console yourself that at least this will probably be the last burst of Ikea that you’ll have to do then.

Wy wife went to Ikea 2 days on the bounce last month and I didn’t go with her on either occasion. Touch me.

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Living the dream


Yeah, we’ve done this the past few times too.

I mean, sometimes you have to wander through the labyrinth because you want to see a piece of furniture in person or because you want to pick up stuff from the market hall bit, but you can shop at Ikea perfectly well without traipsing around every time.