Ikea thread



It’s a strange place and it has an unusual effect on me: I find myself getting home with items I have bought without really intending to. Candles, crockery, lamps. It also seems to exert a sort of ‘Pavlov’s dogs’ reaction that makes customers crave a hotdog when they have paid for their goods.


I slabber a bit too when I’m in Ikea


For me, it’s getting a plate full of their meatballs & gravy BEFORE going round the place…


Fucking loathe the place.

Gonna need to nip there in a fortnight’s time. Already eagerly anticipating the minor rows over inconsequential bullshit, the completely unnecessary solicitation of an opinion over things I can’t possibly have one about and most of all, the hit to the ol’ wallet as a result!


Moved house recently, bought a load of Ikea storage stuff. Every fucking night for over a week I’ve been putting stuff together. Got 4 doors and 2 big Malm drawers left to do. Might get 'em done tonight. Reckon I could build a Pax wardrobe blindfolded in less than 10 minutes.


the fecal matter food used to be really, really cheap. Now just cheap.
I can’t wait to drag a 2 year old child round there. Though they do have a creche service in most/all of them, though only a psychopath would leave their kids in a store’s creche



Almost impossible to ‘nip’ to Ikea.


This… doesn’t seem to be specifically IKEA that’s the issue here




Really, really like IKEA on a quiet evening. Hell on earth on a Sunday, obvs.

Favourite things:

  • cheap loo brushes
  • pot plants
  • water glasses
  • meatballs
  • Marabou!


Always been tempted by the pot plants but never bought one. What is the quality like?


Not too bad - surprisingly given they’re kept in a warehouse with no natural light. We’ve had a couple thrive.


Don’t say that


IKEA is a monster and should be burned


Please continue to say that


It’s fine. Look up what you want before you go and skip the showroom. Pick up a bag of mini daims on your way out. Sorted.




Got an ikea beer with my meatballs last time
I want more shop branded beers


Pretty good actually - I’ve got some that are 8 years old and going strong.