I’m very like you. Loved P/R and was a bit obsessed with them in the early days. I actually like a lot of Elegies…but after that it really did go downhill for me. It’s not that I am reticent to a band changing direction (Radiohead, anyone…?), but you’ve got to be just as good in your new guise.

However, I would very much commend The Christmas Tree Ship EP to you since, given what you’ve said already, I’m 100% sure you’ll like it. It’s beautiful. I still have my numbered CD copy, even though I haven’t listened to a CD in years and years. I don’t think I could part with that one…!



Not into him but I know of him.

Had a listen and you’re right - it’s very good. Makes me feel better after hearing the new single.

I need to have a bit of a recap I think with their other stuff post Progress/Reform.

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He was signed by EMI for million quid, made one album that apparently nobody bought (but me) and was subsequently dropped and left to his own devices.
I’ve always rather thought he was a bit of a genius.

I only know him from his random appearances on 6 music - mostly reading out poems but recently the tracks with Phil Hartnoll. Quite like them but wouldn’t say I was “into” him in a big way or anything.

But compared to the recent i like trains song…

Always come back to this album by German band Fonoda. Reckon you’d like it if you’re an ILT fan. Bye

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I just wanted to post in here that I am caps-lock LOVING their new album.

I went to a gig of theirs (checks…) 15 years ago, only because they were playing a gig on my birthday and I wanted to see some live music. Although the only thing I remember from that gig is getting there early and someone from one of the support bands (Action Plan, I think) coming up and asking if I posted on Drowned In Sound (or had heard about the gig from there?), as then he would give me a free ep/cd of theirs. I said no, but I had heard of DiS/maybe read some reviews on there. He thought about it for a little bit and then decided that I didn’t qualify for a free cd and so went away. I was disappointed. But I don’t think I ended up liking the band anyway, so that worked out ok. Unfortunately I can’t remember I Like Trains from the gig though!

I’ve not heard anything by ILT since then, but I’m really enjoying this album, and have been playing it quite a lot over the past week and a bit. I was expecting the talking singing to not quite work for me, but it does. The album just flows very nicely. If they have a bandcamp then I reckon I’ll buy their album tomorrow on Bandcamp Friday.


I went to see them a fair few times in Leeds when I first moved here in the early 00s. This was then they still dressed in British railways uniforms and showed film footage on a screen behind them. This was around the time of Progress: Reform which for me remains unsurpassed.

I enjoyed all the following albums but I’m sad to say this one isn’t doing it for me, unlike you the talking/singing got on my nerves, as I really like his usual singing voice for one thing!

I will give it another go, maybe it’ll grow on me.


Yep, I guess I don’t know the singing voice so can’t compare it / have that influence me one way or the other. Will definitely go back and have a listen to some of their older songs sometime too.

I was also around at that time I liked all their stuff really, although PR is clearly the high point along with TheChristmas Tree Ship for me. However I’ve been listening to the new one a lot today and it’s finally sticking.

My two observations are: he always had a slightly OTT singing voice, so the slightly OTT talking voice is okay/fits after a while, and it’s definitely a profoundly odd album for any band to release at this point in their career, in terms of the extremely earnest (and arguably very on the nose) political stuff; but it’s also brave (for want of a better word) and very un-self conscious and I like it.


I will give it another chance or two as I have a lot of fondness for the band.

Listening to PR right now, Terra Nova, A Rookhouse for Bobby, Stainless Steel, what an album!


I’m listening too in yr honour (first time for god knows how long, honest) and Terra Nova… Jesus Christ is absolutely soaring, elevating and perfect - Jesus those guitars at the end

Down a ILT wormhole I shall now go…




Been listening to this a lot and it’s really growing on me. The last minute and a half of New Geography is just lovely. Actually all of it is, perhaps because the vocals feel less forced.

The Truth is still awful though.

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Finally got round to giving the new album a few goes. If it wasn’t for the fact that I’ve really liked everything else they’ve done, I’d say it was laughably bad. But it’s just a bit depressing. I think there’s a pretty good instrumental album there, but every time he opens his mouth I just want to put my head in my hands.

Although in the past he’s often sung about interesting themes, he is a shockingly shit lyricists. You could play shit clichee bingo with it. He just puts shitty tired sayings in a hat and pulls them out at random, I’m sure of it. It wasn’t so bad when the songs were good and the themes were interest. And the pretentious way it’s said makes it even worse as if he’s spouting out something incredibly profound.

Timing is everything
Show me the ropes
A bird in the hand

Oh dear God please stop…

Sorry I had to get that off my chest. Must go back and listen to some of the old stuff to make me feel a bit better about it.

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A different singer and I think it’d be a great album.

Which is a pity.

Only if all the lyrics were changed.

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