I'll Be In Bath For A Day Next Week - Your Kind Recommendations Please.

Pubs, Cafes, quirky shops, nice sights etc… please.


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I hope you can get out ok!


Remove your hands periodically so they don’t get too wrinkled



The Raven

The Canary Gin Bar is good for a cocktail

When I was last there there was a great free walking tour that started by the baths. But you know, pulteney bridge, the abbey, baths, royal Cresent.

Make loads of jokes about Bath being like a bath, the locals love that.


The Americans call it ‘Tub’!


Skyline is a good wander
Holborne has great cafe and is a nice gallery to pootle about in.
Victoria Art Gallery also good.

Loads of cafes in Bath…Good Day is v nice.

Raven pub.

If you are vegetarian then Acorn is an excellent restaurant. Green Rocket also fun.

Lovely cheese and also kitchen shop off Milsom Street

The moon is in the abbey at the moment if you like that sort of thing.


Really want to go back to bath now


Fashion museum is good.

There’s an amazing Szechuan place in the bus station called Chilli Family Noodle.

There’s a very good independent bookshop called Mr B’s that’s definitely worth a visit.

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Oh and head up Walcot Street for more interesting shops.

Uses to spend masses of time in Bath, but have barely been in years so any recs might be outdated. But generally speaking it’s a great town centre to just wander about in, lots of interesting shops and buildings and features. Hit up the covered market, Topping & Company bookshop, check out a crescent, walk by the river…

Went to a restaurant called OAK last year and the food was outstanding. Great selection of wine too.

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Ctrl + F Matey

Haha. This is Acorn. They rebranded :heart_eyes:

But yes GO THERE.

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Bubbles, candles, nice glass of wine

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