I'll make the Thursday evening thread tonight then

Off to Stereolab in a bit, and the other half is going to a pub quiz with the school mums so I have to wait for the babysitter before I can leave

What are you up to kids?

Worked late doing a tour. Made a glorious dinner though

Now cider, football, Hell’s Kitchen and lying down.


@colon_closed_bracket check out this perfect setup in the car park when I got home (the black car is mine)


Evening still not watched any World Cup matches it’s getting slightly easier.

Been doing lego with the eldest. Found there is an expensive connecting set that is shown slightly on the box. When asked about it I said without thinking “oh it’ll just be another set that connects to it”. I’m now on the hook for a £50 lego set at Christmas. Fuck you very much Lego.

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Throughie Morgan!

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Throughie Lewis and the News!

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A train journey that was supposed to take two hours has taken four hours. Nothing to do with strikes - suspicious package further down the line, combined with the incompetence of Great Northern rail and the shite customer service skills of Greater Anglia. Apparently they can’t talk properly to each other because they’re “in competition” :rofl::sob:

Gonna have pie and wedges and a beer when I finally get home.


Tomorrow should be fun. I’ve got a good computer spot where I can sneakily monitor AQOS at work, and THEEENN I’m meeting a pal to see Glass Onion

Throughie Tomlinson (formerly of One Direction)

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Oh but the benefits of customer choice :roll_eyes:


Stop the cavalry by Jonah Throughie that’s probably enough for now

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Yeah like, I can choose to get the train from Cambridge to King’s Lynn or what, erm, walk I guess? :smile:

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Hey up

Did my presentations.

Three potato waffles and two fried eggs for dinner

Wine and crisps now.

If only it were Friday. MrS and V off tomorrow so massive weekend vibes from those two.

Putting the Christmas tree up.


This same thing also delayed my journey home, but luckily I can get another train line and get picked up from another station.

I realise this doesn’t help you though :joy:

See you in the pit m9

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Alright my lovelies

Have put off so many chores until tomorrow, which I will regret 13 hours from now.

My pal just cancelled on me for some schmoozing tomorrow afternoon, might ask someone else, might just go alone, might not go at all. Who can say.

Might go to bed in half an hour.


Click for a surprise


Got hold of the only copy of Prog magazine in Chorlton earlier to see our eric in it :star_struck:


birsdeye potato waaaffles they’re waffley versatile


Went pub, cinema and five guys. Now on the bus listening to Elliott Smith and returning to my family.